admin / May 17, 2019

Work From Home Caregivers

One of the many natural and emotional reasons why so many old people regress into states of complete helplessness, incontinence and mental incapacity, among the many other symptoms of advanced ageing or, for that matter, premature ageing, is because straight after retiring from their jobs they seemed to have nothing to do with themselves all day. Physical and mental inactivity is one of the quickest routes to the early grave. But if the body and mind is not genetically disposed to this, it could very well regress to a degenerative state which renders it almost helpless. This note goes no further with this analogy.

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Now is not the time or place for name calling. Rather, let it sound off with a remarkable suggestion. Remarkable if only the abovementioned folks who have not yet reached that stage of needing at home care massachusetts visits. Go and get yourself a job. You may think this is ludicrous, seeing that you’ve worked so hard all your life and your pension is more than adequate to see you through the years ahead without having to work. Well, that pension fund could soon dry up if you do not take care.

It’s not about the money. It’s about keeping your mind and body active and always preoccupied. And here’s your opportunity to do something that you always wanted to do before but never could before. And because you are now getting on in years, you can be working from home. A lot of today’s youngsters are doing it too. In fact, those senior folks who now need in-house care are not being left idle at the care centers where they now reside. You can be certain that even they, in their state, have been given something to do.