Yandere Simulator – Accessories and Others

If you press letter O there yandere simulator are lots of useless objects that will be displayed around Yandere-Chan’s face – a toaster, Shimapan Panties, Senpai’s Voodoo Doll, bubble tea, Devil Costume, a knife inserted on raw slice of meat and other random objects.

You can also kidnap people but this one is a tricky process. You need to go to biology lessons and look for Info-Chan and ask a favor. You will ask Info-Chan’s help to ask your victim to go to the gym’s locker room. Yandere will give her something so she will lose her consciousness and place her in a box. You will then get her body at night and carry her to your place. When you wake up in the morning, you victim are tied up in the basement.

You can do this several times.

You can also drown your rival in the toilet. You need to use your imagination in killing your classmates without being captured. The toilet is the most viable place, because the location is very discrete. Violence is discouraged.

Summing up Bus simulator 2016

Bus simulator is very much popular these days among Bus simulator 2015 and bus simulator 2016 addicts due to its realistic graphics. Though Bus simulator 2015 and bus simulator 2016 has a lot of features which drags us to the real world of driving a bus and helps us to slightly fulfill our childhood dreams of becoming a bus driver still Bus simulator 2015 and bus simulator 2016 could be improved by replacing the background music with radio bus simulator 2015 installation inside the bus.

Bus simulator allows you to manage your own company and you are introduced to many mechanisms of Bus simulator 2015 and bus simulator 2016 like learning to drive, obeying signals ,selling out tickets to passengers. Also, you can manage your own company by planning your routes, assigning drivers to those routes by hiring them by looking after their skills and abilities.

You can also learn how to handle the unwanted situation while driving a bus such as jamming of doors or behaviors of passengers. Finally, everyone will fall in love with Bus simulator 2015 and bus simulator 2016 if they play at least once.


Duck Life 5-Champion Duck

With the popularity of the four installments in the series of Duck Life, game developers thought of introducing something interesting in the game and therefore, they introduced duck life 5 with some new spice.

In Duck Life 5 you duck has already become the world champion but his thirst for fame has not fulfilled yet and now it is time for you to train play duck life 4 him to compete in the award-winning a championship so that he can become the best of the best.

Now you have to train your duck the hard way, he should be the best in running, swimming and flying skills reaching the highest levels in these skills and you have to teach him endurance as well because award championships are not easy to win. So with the regular training your duck must know how to consume and conserve energy in the right way to win the big race of its life.

Feed you duck with seed to boost the energy level and win all the tournaments in the game so that your duck can have the title of award-winning champion of the world and get the cash money for you.
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How to play troll face quest?

The troll face quest game is one troll face quest 13 of the simplest games yet so far. It just needs the grip of the player on the Mouse. No special arrangement is needed. All you need is your grip and control on your mouse. Troll face quest game is about the use of mind state.

The presence of active mind state is much important of this troll face quest game. The presence of active mind is necessary because this game is about solving the puzzles and then finding their solutions. This game is playable for persons of every type of age. Its quest adventure is enjoyable to both the children and the elders as well.

With the increasing levels of this troll face game the playing principle is the same like that of the basic levels. But there is an increase in difficulty in each upcoming level. The difficulty also requires a further more active state of mind and a grip on the mouse to clear that level.

Vex 2 – Get The Stick Dude Out Of The Track

The next sequel of the famous platform game Vex is finally out with bigger, larger and harder levels. There are a total of 11 challenges in this sequel, the stick dude has to run, jump, climb, use zip-lines or fire himself out of the canon in order to escape the deadly track.

Besides the enhanced graphics, the music of the game is also very appealing and makes the players keep on playing this challenging game forever. Vex 2 offers you yet another opportunity to test your survival skills, if you vex 3 have not played the earlier version of the game, do not worry, you can do some practice by playing the first few levels. But, make sure you have full command on the control keys as you move forward, there will be sharp blades, spikes, ditches, lasers and much more to stop you from going further and becoming the top scorer of the game.

How to get valuable tips and ideas?

GunBlood has a very simple interface and it is extremely easy to play play gunblood game the game once you learn and understand how to play it. This is where the trick lies. You have to do a bit of research over the Internet and understand how the game is played and which areas of the opponent’s body you should target to knock him or her down. Also, about the bonus levels, you will have to know where to hit and when to hit to get maximum points.

The most important tip to be successful in GunBlood would be to make use of cheats or codes which will give you some advantage. Just find out when you should use a particular cheat and get the maximum benefit. In every phase, the opponent will become faster and it would be trickier to finish him off. Take help of various tips and cheat codes spread across different websites to make your way to the final level.

What are the upgrades in Learn to Fly 2?

Every upgrade learn to fly 2 in this version of the game has some exciting equipment in offer. They are stylish and potent. The names exude strength and you wonder how dangerous the equipment can be. The plank is upgraded and is now called “the plank mark II” and the Glider is transformed and it now becomes Umbrella from a Kite. In the later stages it becomes Whirlybird. This version allows you to have different possibilities with such wondrous upgrades.

Apart from the regular upgrades you can access the Bonus Shop to spend the bonus earned. To reduce the gravity pull and add 5% to your earnings every time you finish a run. You can have VHS to view the cutscenes and different background music through music packs. Earn Bonus through medals, finishing the modes-Classic as well as Story and playing the Arcade Mode.

Tips to play earn to Die

You will earn cash based on the earn to die 2 distance you travel.

You have to use your resources throughout the game carefully. Killing zombie won’t fetch you any money. Kill them if they come on your way. Otherwise don’t waste our resources in getting a zombie.

Accelerating your vehicle while moving down a hill is not required and is wastage of your resources. You can use the accelerator while moving up hill. Using the booster when you find those tiny mounds will help you cover great distances.

Dollars are given out every day at the beginning of the day.  In the morning you must upgrade your fuel tank and boosters. This would mean you will be able to move farther in the game. After this you can use the money to get more additional updates.

You have to use your cash judiciously and so you should be careful on when and what you spend your money.

How to Play Unfair Mario

Unfair Mario is an online play unfair mario game. There are websites that allow you to play for free. You can play this on your laptop or desktop. Ive tried it on my desktop and it works perfectly. Now, what keys you will use to operate the character is thats your question.

To make a Mario move like run forward and backward and jump, you can use the arrow keys. Right key, the arrow is moving forward, then, of course, left arrow key is for moving backwards, and up key is for jumping. Then, when you die, to go back the game, you can simply click the space key. If you are not used with keyboards, this could add up to the challenge. But its not that hard to navigate using those arrow keys.

It may take a while, but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to control Mario with ease. Another tip is when you long-press the right or left arrow key, it will make Mario walk faster or run. If you want Mario to run and jump, you can simply steady press the right arrow key and also click the up arrow key. Try it and you will see its advantage.